So many of us were waiting with baited breath for 2021 to begin.  Although the effects of last year are still with us, I do have renewed hope for a healthier and peaceful new year and hope you do too! 


Some of my tried and true customers were a little freaked out at the name change on social media, but not to worry!  The one and only Mr Big curling iron is alive and well and its name is not changing!  (Wheeeew!)  Only the business name has changed to Tress. Why you ask? Tress literally means “locks of long hair” so what better name for a store with products designed for your long locks? 😍

With the new name there is also a new website and new products!  Why waste time using ordinary hair products when you have extraordinary hair?  Curl your hair in minutes, not hours, with our specialty products made with your long hair in mind.  

In addition to the favorite Mr Big curling iron (which has a whopping barrel size of 9.5 inches long), we have designed new products for long hair with extra-long barrel sizes that will suit the needs of a variety of hair lengths. 

For example, maybe your hair is shoulder length and you really want a longer barrel but don’t need the longest on the market.  The new Tress curling irons would be perfect... Still nice and long at 8 inches, comes in 1.25” and 1” widths, and deliver the same great waves for longer hair.  Fantastic!

Want a more natural looking curl with varying waves? Do you like the look and ease of a curling wand without a clip? Then you’re in luck because Tress has a beautiful tapered wand with a nice, long barrel and unique size… 1.25” down to .63 inches!  And... one of my personal favorites and a real stand-out among our new products is our new L-shaped curling wand.  The unique angle is SO comfy and makes glorious waves without tiring out your arms or shoulders! 


Our new products now come with all the bells and whistles, like heat-resistant gloves, hair clips, silicone pads (if needed) and a more elegant and sturdy box too. 

And as if all this isn’t enough, we also have exciting new products coming the end of Spring 2021 (YAY!) so stay tuned for more extended barrels and accessories for your long hair. 

And wait for it… also coming soon are hair care products for long hair! Special shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair oils, mousse, serums, heat protectants, styling products and more, all coming your way soon.  So sign up for our monthly Newsletter today (bottom of the site) so you don’t miss out on new products or special offers. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@TressLLC) to be in the running for giveaways and discounts on the finest and longest styling tools around.

Remember... size really DOES matter!

Wishing you and yours Fabulous Hair Days! 🎉


~Team Tress

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